My Father!
17 Jun

My Father!

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On the 3rd Sunday of June, every year, people in most countries acknowledge, honor, and celebrate fathers and fatherly bonds for their influence in our societies. Other countries celebrate their Father’s Day earlier or later in the year. This is a good thing because we are commanded by the God of Heaven to honor our fathers and mothers, and this is the first commandment of God with a promise.

God our Heavenly Father, the creator of all earthly fathers, promises that if you obey this command; to honor your father, you will have good health and live a long life (Exo 20:12; Eph 6:2-3). On the contrary, it is established in Scripture that anyone who dishonors their father (Pro 20:20; Mat 15:4) should have their lamp put out; that is to die. This is hard to say, but it is scripture, and it is a reality.

The right questions to ask here is who is your “father” and what is his “honor”? You will agree that a father is not anyone who can make a child with a female or woman. A Father is a real man who loves and lives for his children affectionately and benevolently; providing, protecting, and promoting them (1Pet 5:7). It is so that children can continue to abide in their love and life. Just as we faithfully abide in the love of God and in the living doctrine of Christ, His Son, our brother (2Jn 1:9).

Unfortunately, God is not Father to all. Though He is the Creator of all, and all are His offspring (Act 17:28), not all are His children; because God’s Children are those who do not sin, but do righteousness (1Jn 3:9-10). And children who honor their fathers, are those who respect, esteem and obey them. It is honorable to celebrate fathers, but it is a healthy lifestyle, to honor God, our Heavenly Father; when we love and live by the doctrine of His Son, Jesus and by the influence of His Holy Spirit.

Who is your Father, who influences you, and whom will you honor?

Brother Dennis.

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