In Conflict? Are You Winning?
01 Jul

In Conflict? Are You Winning?

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Are you having a conflict in your life? A conflict of ideas, ideals, or identity; or it is of relationship, responsibility, or religion? Given that ‘conflict’ is simply a difference of opinion that results in the manifestation of incompatible behavior between two or more persons, who would yield their opinions to yours? Resolving conflicts is a desirable skill that we all deserve to have, but who gives you what you truly deserve, anyway?

Don’t we all deserve to be heard and our opinions get considered, in the least? Don’t we have the right possess the earth and all blessings in heaven (Eph 1:3), including the grace of Jesus Christ that grants the desires of our hearts (Job 6:8; Psa 2:8, 21:2; Php 4:19)? Yet sin and death are constantly crouching (Gen 4:7, Luk 22:31) at our doors trying to bequeath to us what we do not deserve, …or maybe deserve?

I used to teach conflict resolution techniques, as a management professor; and there are four outcomes for managing or negotiating every conflict. There is the loose-loose outcome, in which all parties involved in a conflict, loose. Such is the case where someone denies the counsel, or is ashamed, of Jesus by living an ungodly lifestyle. In return, Jesus is ashamed of, or denies, that person’s request before His Father in Heaven (Mat 10:33). There is also the loose-win, 3rd party intervention, and then the win-win situation in which all parties gain.

The way to transition life conflicts from dysfunctional to functional; so that the intrapersonal or interpersonal confrontations begin to produce win-win results is not to love your opinions or even your life. Rather, overcome or win over sin and death, sickness and disease, and all kinds of opposing conflicts by living in the lifestyle of Jesus; faithfully demonstrating His grace towards you (Rev 12:11). God, our Heavenly Father loves you and does not want you in any negative, dysfunctional conflict.

If you must be in a conflict, then make the outcome a win-win.

Brother Dennis.

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