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To be saved or born again means to be born from above, that is, to believe in the resurrection and life of Jesus Christ. It is a spiritual birth that includes a three step transformation process to believe in and receive Christ's life, which then conveys or translates you into life in the Kingdom of God.

The first step is believing and confessing that Jesus Christ not only died to pay the price for your sins, which is deserving of eternal death, but was raised from the dead for you to have eternal life. The next two steps are baptism of the Holy Spirit and water. (Ref: Joh 3:3-5; Mar 16:16; Rom 10:9-10; Joh 3:16). Click here now, if you want to receive Christ and be saved.
To be baptized in water is to be outwardly cleansed and to publicly identify with the death, burial and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ. It's an outward demonstration of the cleansing that has occurred inside you by the baptism of the Holy Spirit. Water baptism is not a sprinkling of water on the head, but a complete immersion in water demonstrating that you died with Jesus on the cross and have (been born from the dead) risen with Him. When Jesus was baptized by John, the bible says that He came up from the water, (River Jordan) showing immersion and not sprinkling (Mar 1:9-10; Rom 6:4; Col 2:12).

Yes, you should be baptized, so to be fully integrated into the Kingdom of God. After you have believed, confessed, and received Jesus Christ as your Lord and eternal Savior, you should be baptized in the Holy Spirit (with evidence of speaking in tongues), and in water. COME! to Church to be baptized in the Holy Spirit and or water.
To be baptized in the Holy Spirit is to receive the infilling of (literally to be awashed with) the Holy Spirit1; It is the promise of God the Father by Jesus Christ to those who believe in Him2. When you are baptized with the Holy Spirit, you receive power to be a witness to Christ3. The proof that you have received the infilling of the Holy Spirit is that you begin to pray/speak in tongues, which is the heavenly language given to you to communicate with God, especially in prayer4.

To receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit, a minister who has already been filled with the Holy Spirit will pray with you so you can be baptized with the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking with tongues5. COME! to Vessels Church if you want to be baptized in the Holy Ghost with the evidence of speaking in tongues. (Ref: 1Act 1:4-5; 2Act 1:4; 3Act 1:8, Luk 24:49; 4Act 2:4; 19:1-6; 5Act 19:1-6).
To be fully saved, you need to be born again (born from above, by God), which is to believe in the resurrection of Jesus from the dead, and then be baptized in the Holy Spirit, and with water. This is so because Jesus clearly said in Mark 16:16a that "He who believes and is baptized will be saved". (Ref: Joh 3:3-5; Rom 10:9).
No, it is not true because "Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever. Do not be carried about with various and strange doctrines" (Heb 13:8-9). God is not a respecter of persons or times, that means, He does not vacillate. If He gave the gift of the Holy Spirit (to speak/pray in tongues) to the early Christians, then He will give the same to later Christians (those who believe in Him); the divine ability to speak/pray in tongues as proof of baptism in the Holy Spirit. (Mar 16:17; Act 2:4; 10:38, 45-47; 19:5-6). Please be careful who you listen to. In any case Jesus said one of the signs (proofs) of those who believe in Him, is that the will speak with new tongues (Mar 16:18).
Jesus is the only person who ever walked the earth that God declared (and credible people, prophets, and many witnesses heard) to be His Son1. Jesus is truly believable because He is the only person with real life, authentic, natural and spiritual experience about heaven and hell, since he has been to both places. He came from heaven2 and so knows and can speak authoritatively about what goes on there. He has also been to hell before rising from the dead and going back up to heaven3, and so knows how horrible life after death is for anyone who goes there.

It is your everlasting choice to believe whom you want, but we know that when push comes to shove, knowledge and experience make the difference. Moreover, life in Jesus Christ is both knowledge and experience in God. If you believe in Him you will have eternal life in the Kingdom of God, rather than die eternally in hell4. (Ref: 1Mat 3:17, 17:5; Mar 1:11; Luk 3:22; 2Pet 1:17; 2Joh 3:13, 6:38, 51, & 58; 3Eph 4:9-10; 4Joh 3:15-18). Click here now, if you want to receive Christ and be saved from life in hell.
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