Programmed to Flourish

Family Oriented, Individually Driven

“Beloved, I pray that you may prosper in all things and be in health, just as your soul prospers. For I rejoiced greatly when brethren came and testified of the truth that is in you, just as you walk in the truth. I have no greater joy than to hear that my children walk in truth." (3John 1:2-4)


A you-God communication builder-upper; to promote spiritual and natural strength, reputation, and rapport with God. Praying always according to God's will is a promising and healthy lifestyle that influences your successes in life. Change your world; call into our prayer room weekdays, except Wednesdays @ 1-855-5vessels from 7:30pm, and connect with our Pray4ME! & PraisewithME! lifestyle activities to promote courage and stimulate vitality.


A spiritual/natural family orientation developer supervised by the Pastor to manifest purity, completeness, support, and loyalty. God is Love. To love is to be born of God through Jesus Christ. Love is not about a man and woman with chemistry and entangled in illegal intimacy. So let love rule your world and connect with our LoveME!, DateME!, MarryME!, or ParentME! lifestyle activities for a fresh start, pure thinking, and blessed family unions.


A showing of God’s love by giving of one’s natural/spiritual resources. To be truly benevolent to those in need or who are less fortunate is to love. We give because we have received. When we help, we give people the power to change, endure, and revitalize as we too were helped. So spice up someone’s lifestyle today. Connect with our HelpME! & InvestinME! lifestyle activities for a blessed return on your Kingdom investments.


A claim of healthy lifestyle, by the bruised body of Jesus on the cross. Regardless of advancements in modern medicine, people still cower to the oppressive nature of sickness and disease. God sent Jesus to heal you. Healing is God’s benevolent way of preserving and keeping you strong, so you can flourish with the yellow sunny brightness of His love. Connect with our HealME!, DeliverME & VisitME!, lifestyle activities for wellness.


A possession of a new nature by grace, through faith in the death and life of Jesus. Many seek the ever balanced green life-force received through salvation because of its ability to transform from bad to good, natural to supernatural, and evil to righteous. To be saved is to believe and be baptized into the death/resurrection of Jesus, and to have eternal life. Connect with our SaveME! & BaptizeME! lifestyle activities for energetic living.


A living and being in the character and identity of Jesus through knowing, understanding and even teaching God's knowledge. How often have you said, “if only I knew…, if I had done it differently…” This is the “if” that yearns for the blue and unadulterated knowledge of God for hope and guidance. Knowledge is the coolest thing to have. Connect with our TeachME!, DiscipleME! & EducateME! lifestyle activities for knowledge and wisdom.


A fresh breath of divinity for guidance to do God’s will. Who will breathe on us that divine breath? Who will prophesy His good plans and purposes? His Holy Spirit leads us in the path of righteousness with wisdom and power? To be inspired is to live and flourish in the nature of Jesus Christ. So connect with our InspireME! lifestyle activities for an indigo; operating in the anointing, prayerfully knowledgeable, and insightfully wise life..


A fearless advocacy by faith in God and defense of the Truth. Courage is not the absence of fear, but trusting God and rising in its face, while abandoning conveniences to advocate for others. Courage is the highest form of ministry, the ability to obey and live for God, to promote Truth and advocate grace for the helpless, like Jesus did for you. COME! Connect with our EncourageME! lifestyle activities to prep you for a purple royal life of courage.