And you shall Love the LORD your God

With all your heart, with all your soul, with all your mind, and with all your strength.' This is the first commandment. [And] Grace and peace (goodness) be multiplied to you in the [governing and glorious] knowledge of God and of Jesus our Lord... (Mar 12:30; 2Pe 1:2).


Minimalistic christian style

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Minimalistic christian style
07 Jul

The excellency of God’s nature and operations of His kingdom ought to be fully manifested and represented by the church, the only earthly agency He approved to represent the Kingdom of God (KoG). This is simply because it is the kingdom of God, which you are a part of if you belong to the body of Christ whose head is Jesus. Considering that to work in the excellence of God’s nature is to seek His kingdom, which is His business and ministerial enterprise, there is no better place to represent such excellence other than the church. On the contrary, the minimalistic tendencies of the body of believers leave much to be desired. 

The church is God’s spiritual and diplomatic embassy on earth that He established and authorized to communicate the KoG’s desirable enterprise with grace and excellence. Contrary to many schools of thought, the church is not a religious organization. It is an eternal spiritual organism that expresses the bond and relationship between God and a (His) people through transient natural organizations and institutions.

Their enterprise and ministerial duties include organizationally nourishing—serving, preserving, and saving—the world by instituting leadership standards in God’s three realms of holiness. They are His presence, power, and prowess. Or as popularly known as His omnipresence, omnipotence, and omniscience respectively. Since all people are God’s offspring by creation, which began in Adam, it is understandable that they all seek Him by their natural interpretation of these realms of holiness because they hold the truth in unrighteousness. They construe these realms of holiness as religion, culture, and science respectively.

Whether in righteousness or not, people appear to seek God’s presence or omnipresence through faith and religion. They attempt to express His power or omnipotence through their communal beliefs, values, or culture. Moreover, in effort to answer many questions about life, its source, meaning, or usefulness the world seeks the science or omniscience of God in facts and evidence, which is the realm of knowledge and science. And they do this with great effort but not according to God’s righteousness.

Understand that many of the world’s approaches to finding God have been ignorant and misleading. Unfortunately, so has been the approach of many of His people. Why you may ask? This is why: Except they seek first the kingdom and His righteousness, “well being, success and prosperity” shall not be received. Simple enough? However, God intends to be found, so He commissioned the church whose members appear and ought to seek the KoG and His righteousness to maintain a standard of excellent prosperity behaviors and to be the agency, contact point, sign board, or global positioning system (GPS)through which the world finds Him.

Another way of instituting God’s righteousness standards is to be examples of it by living what you preach. There is no better sign. Living what you preach can be easily expressed in your thoughts, attitude, and personal or cultural values. To this end, ...believers, shaped in righteousness and representing the body of Christ, the church, ...ought not to be minimalistic in approach to a quality lifestyle, but ought to be exemplars for the world to copy and not the other way round.

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